Indiana Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists

The Indiana Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists administers Indiana Code 25-17.6 and Indiana Administrative Code Title 305 to ensure competency and integrity in the public practice of geology. The Board examines and licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession as a Professional Geologist. It recommends appropriate changes in the law to assure fairness and equality.

List of Board members

  • Thomas Bruns, LPG#17
  • Mark Howell, LPG #2094
  • Lee Florea, LPG #2360
  • John Steinmetz, LPG #1929
  • Chad Crabtree, Member-at-Large

In accordance with Public Law 134-2012; Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-3-6; the InBLPG adopted at its January 31, 2013 meeting, the Electronic Means Participation Policy, which permits the Board to validly conduct a public meeting with some members in remote locations attending by electronic means.

For help contact LPG Coordinator at .

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