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2008 IGS calendar - Mining coal, images from the past

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2007,  2008 IGS calendar - Mining coal, images from the past: Indiana Geological Survey Calendar 2008

Notes: 21" x 32" full color wall calendar. Designed by Licia Weber. Photos courtesy of Larry K. Murdoch and Victoria National Golf Course, Newburgh, Indiana. Tool illustrations from the Beall Bros. Manufacturers of Miner's Supplies 1913 catalogue.

The 2008 IGS, wall calendar is poster-sized (21" x 32") and printed on heavy poster stock, and features historical photos from Indiana's coal-mining past.

Keywords: calendars, coal, coal mining, poster

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This item is no longer available. Please contact the Indiana Geological Survey Publication Sales Office for more information. Many IGS publications are available through local libraries.

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