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Indiana coal-quality database (ICQD)

by Mastalerz, Maria, Drobniak, Agnieszka, Irwin, P.N. (Author) |

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Mastalerz, Maria, Drobniak, Agnieszka, Irwin, P.N.,  2005,  Indiana coal-quality database (ICQD): Indiana Geological Survey Open-File Study 05-02

The CD-ROM contains the Indiana Coal-Quality Database, a Microsoft Access database (version 2003) containing a table that provides detailed location and quality information for 2,863 public, point-source coal resource data in southwestern Indiana. This is the most complete database of Indiana coal quality information; it can be used without the necessity of referring to previous databases. This database contains all data collected as of October 2005.

Keywords: coal quality, coal, database, energy resources

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