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Distribution of mercury in Indiana coals and implications for mining and combustion

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by Mastalerz, Maria, Drobniak, Agnieszka, Filippelli, Gabriel (Author) |

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2004,  Distribution of mercury in Indiana coals and implications for mining and combustion: Indiana Geological Survey Open-File Study 04-04, 32 p., 22 fig.

Notes: Final report to the Indiana Department of Commerce. Also available on CD-ROM for $35.00. CD-ROM also contains Hg contents in Microsoft Access format.

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This document examines the mercury (Hg) content of Indiana coals. The report contains maps showing the Hg content for major coal beds: the Danville Coal Member of the Dugger Formation, the Springfield Coal Member of the Petersburg Formation, and the Lower Block Coal Member of the Brazil Formation. For other coal beds, summaries of Hg distributions are provided. The average Hg content in coal in Indiana is 0.11 ppm. Measured on an equal energy unit basis, Indiana coal contains less mercury than other coal-bearing regions of the U.S.A. The distribution of Hg contents in vertical coal bed sections is analyzed and discussed with reference to the origin and association of Hg. Our data suggest that a significant proportion of Hg, especially in high-sulfur coal, is associated with pyrite. In these coals, routine techniques of sulfur removal also efficiently reduce Hg content. Relationships between Hg content and petrographic composition are poor and site specific. This paper is accompanied by a database of Hg contents in Microsoft Access format.

Keywords: mercury concentration, coal, sequential extraction

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