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Research Geologist / Stratigrapher

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December 16, 2014



Bloomington, IN


Indiana Geological Survey


Full Time

About the Indiana Geological Survey

The Indiana Geological Survey is a research institute of Indiana University and located on the campus in Bloomington, Indiana. The mission of the survey is to provide geologic information and counsel that contribute to the wise stewardship of the energy, mineral, and water resources of the state.

Since 1837, the health, safety, and welfare of Indiana's citizenry have benefited through a combination of Indiana Geological Survey activities including:

  • Focused research initiatives and cooperative investigations with governmental agencies businesses and industries, and educational organizations.
  • Geologic sample and data collection and archiving Dissemination of information in many forms, including published maps, reports, databases, and educational outreach programs.

Job Description

Independently plan and conduct basic and applied research projects relating to the bedrock geology and stratigraphy of Indiana. Duties will include: field mapping; drilling and coring oversight; sample collection and analysis; subsurface and outcrop data interpretation; and map compilation and technical report preparation.

Cooperate with and provide expertise to other professional staff engaged in similar and other areas of geological research. Cooperate with professional researchers of other state agencies and universities as needed. Provide technical expertise to state agencies and the general public as needed.

This position requires an MS or a PhD in geology. Requires independent and critical thinking. Excellent technical writing, verbal communication, and Microsoft Office computer skills are required.

Major duties and responsibilities
Design and initiate research projects requiring knowledge of the bedrock geology and stratigraphy of Indiana, application of subsurface geological and geophysical interpretations, field geophysics, petrographic analyses, and computer applications.

Coordinate and conduct cooperative research and mapping projects with federal and state agencies and universities.

Perform original field and laboratory research and collection of data, such as the field description of stratigraphic sections and sampling, and logging of outcrops and cores. Direct laboratory analyses of samples using petrographic or petrophysical techniques.

Provide structural and lithostratigraphic mapping; correlate data; produce geologic maps, cross-sections, and geologic reports.

Analyze and interpret geological, geochemical, and geophysical information from sources such as field data, well logs, boreholes, aerial photographs, and LiDAR data.

Study well logs, analyze cores and cuttings from well drillings, and interpret data from imaging and geophysical tools to determine formation structural and stratigraphic properties. The results are used to conduct sedimentary facies analysis and produce geologic maps at quadrangle and county scales. Strong teamwork, presentation, and people skills. Work face to face with clients and have the disposition required to perform in a public service environment.


  • Work independently or with subsurface team to prepare conceptual and detailed geologic models based on field, geophysical, and laboratory analyses.
  • Prepare surface and subsurface maps and diagrams that depict structural and stratigraphic relationships.
  • Generate geologic interpretations and facies models.
  • Supervise technicians assigned to common projects.
  • Write technical reports related to mapping or stratigraphic analyses.
  • Service in the Geologic Mapping Section.

Provide geologic and derivative (applied) maps and reports to sponsoring local, state, and federal agencies for use in addressing planning and management problems and project deliverables.

Present basic scientific findings in lectures, field trips, geologic maps, and other publications. Attend, and contribute to, relevant conferences and workshops.

Provide technical expertise concerning Indiana geology to other local, state, and federal agencies, such as the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the Indiana Department of Transportation, and municipalities and counties.

Provide information of both a general and specific nature in response to service requests by members of the general public, other state, federal, and local agencies, private consultants, and others. Responses to these service requests include written memorandum reports, public presentations, telephone responses, and occasional field work.

Provide expertise for Geological Survey professional staff engaged in other research activities.

Write and submit grant proposals. Serve as principle investigator or participant to Geological Survey grants. Manage grant funding, research, production of project deliverables and hourly and/or appointed staff.

Critically review publications (maps, abstracts, professional papers, and databases) submitted by Geological Survey staff and outside individuals for publication by the Geological Survey or other professional organizations.

When appropriate, serve on Geological Survey committees in support of the IGS mission; serve on boards or committee in support of the geoscience profession.

More Info:

University classification: PAE 3RS; Salary range $50,000-$60,000. IU Jobs posting # 12868; deadline for applications is March 5, 2015. Apply at http://hr.iu.edu/jobs


Masters degree in geology, PhD in geology preferred


  • Masters degree in geology, PhD in geology preferred.
  • Minimum 3 years of related geological survey, academic, or industry experience.
  • Hands-on experience with geological software programs, such as GIS, statistical, graphing, and illustration applications.
  • Record of original scholarship resulting in published maps and reports.
  • Record of grantsmanship preferred.

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