Hydraulic Fracturing: An Indiana assessment

The petroleum development technique known as hydraulic fracturing has transformed the economy of the U.S. oil and gas industry since its rapid adoption over the last several decades. Hydraulic fracturing has also recently been a topic of widespread media interest and scientific research. Much of what is reported in the media focuses on possible health and environmental risks associated with the practice.

In a timely white paper, IGS geologists Charles Zuppann and John Steinmetz offer a brief explanation of the process of hydraulic fracturing and its importance as a technique for recovering oil or natural gas from reservoirs once thought to be difficult or impossible to develop economically. The health and environmental consequences that may be associated with hydraulic fracturing operations are also addressed.
Hydraulic Fracturing: An Indiana assessment Scout Night with the Indiana Geological Survey Monitoring Wetland Recovery IGS working with EU’s underground coal gasification project pause

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