Mapping the Big Lakes District

The Indiana Geological Survey produces high-quality geologic maps at scales suitable to address the societal, scientific, and operational needs of the state of Indiana. Detailed and accurate information about geologic deposits—their characteristics and three-dimensional distribution–provide decision-makers and planners with background geologic concepts and models that can be applied to site-specific geologic problems and that can be useful in the development of exploration strategies for natural resources. These maps also promote a broad-based geologic understanding of our land and resources for our citizens Currently, a multiyear mapping project is being conducted in Kosciusko County in northern Indiana. This region, locally known as the Big Lakes District, contains the majority of Indiana’s natural lakes and is one of the state’s most prolific groundwater resources. The current landscape is the result of a complex glacial geologic history of multiple ice lobes occupying the area and depositing sediment in close proximity to one another. New maps for Kosciusko County are available in the IGS Bookstore: Preliminary Quaternary geology of the Leesburg 7.5-minute quadrangle (OFS 14-07), and Preliminary Quaternary Geology of the North Webster 7.5-minute quadrangle (OFS 14-08).
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